A central operational lane guidance system (LGS) includes the planning, optimisation, storage and management of lanes for the respective field and the tractor/implement combinations used (working width, following behaviour, direction of travel, etc.).

The data records for the respective autopilots are then generated and transferred across manufacturers from this operational database. This means that every machine and every tractor with an autopilot then has the currently valid, standardised sections, headlands, restricted zones and tracks for steering and control.


  • Separation of growth area from lanes
  • Less soil compaction,
  • less traffic on the growing surface -> rainwater is let in, drained, stored
  • Tracks compacted -> better load-bearing capacity
  • Lower tractive power requirement and fuel consumption
  • Deep loosening of the tracks no longer necessary
  • Erosion protection
  • Field boundaries remain exactly the same (no “wandering”)
  • Standardised database on all Autopilot terminals
  • Reduced workload for the driver