The ISO Farm Research concept is a new and innovative digital system that automates and simplifies on-farm research (OFR) based on agricultural data and the ISOBUS standard. ISO Farm Research combines all the farm’s agronomic data into one data pool to create a holistic picture of the farm including FMIS data, soil information and agrotechnical measures. Machine learning is used to automatically create an optimised trial plan.

The tests and measurements are consistently checked in accordance with field testing standards. ISO Farm Research is manufacturer-neutral and enables the integration of existing mixing fleets and automation with ISOBUS to ensure exact placement and test set-up. Machine characteristics are taken into account and each scoring is precisely pre-planned. Drones and sensors can also be used to carry out geo-referenced assessments and to import harvest data and yield mapping from various sources. All trial data is centralised and smartly analysed and can be viewed and shared with partners at any time via an app.

ISO Farm Research will be a safe and user-friendly tool to drive knowledge-based transformation in the agricultural technology industry and help farmers make their farms more efficient, sustainable and competitive.

Partners are AMAZONE, EXAgT, EXA Computing, geo-konzept, Hanse-Agro, the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and the start-up AgDoIT.